Praia da Barra, Portugal

Demola Portugal Initiative

Sistema de Apoio à co-criação de inovação, criatividade e empreendedorismo

This iniative is established together with Portuguese polytechnics, Portuguese government and Demola Global. By building a bridge between the decision-makers of today and tomorrow, we aim for improved and more democratized ability to react to changes as a society.

For Companies

Co-creation projects help you explore the future impacts and driving forces. You’ll understand the future requirements for your products or services and explore changes in consumer behavior. We’ll help you better communicate your future-proof business.

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For Students

Get ready for the most exciting part of your studies. We work as a future radar for companies, NGOs & public sector organizations, tirelessly collecting insights from different phenomena and younger generation’s perspectives.

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Teacher Training Program

Teacher training program is part of Co-Creation Portugal Initiative where the aim is to increase academia-industry collaboration and establish a joint platform for cross-polytechnic work nationwide. The focus of the training is on co-creation, online facilitation and building bridges between the decision-makers of today and tomorrow.

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Goals and Impact of the Program

Futures Insights

Signals & trends for business renewal

New Skills

Empowering work-life related experience for students

New Learning Experience

Inspiring methods and frameworks for teachers


Bringing local and international companies closer to academia

Program Schedule

Spring term 2021

Autumn term 2021

Spring term 2022

Autumn term 2022

Spring term 2023

Autumn term 2023

Jan 3 – Feb 18



Building company partnerships to join the co-creation program. Designing case topics with participating companies.

Mar 21 – Jun 3


Co-Creation Projects

Implementing co-creation projects in cooperation with students and companies.

Jun 2022


Evaluation of Results

Evaluating project-specific results with regional polytechnics and partner organizations.

Jul 2022


Term finalization

Finalizing the spring term. Reflecting on the experience and program outcomes. Preparations for the following autumn term 2022.

Program Partners

Partnering higher education institutions of the program in Portugal

Polytechnic logo

IP Coimbra


Program Coordinator (COMPETE)

Sara Proença

Program Coordinator (POCH)

António Guilherme da Cruz Duarte Leal

Polytechnic logo

IP Porto


Program Coordinator

Teresa Pereira

Polytechnic logo

IP Setúbal


Program Coordinator

Nuno Pina

Polytechnic logo

IP Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo

Program Coordinator

Teresa Gonçalves

Polytechnic logo

IP Beja


Program Coordinator

Fernando José Calado e Silva Nunes Teixeira

Polytechnic logo

IP Bragança


Program Coordinator

Vera Ferro Lebres

Polytechnic logo

IP Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

Program Coordinator

Luís Farinha

Polytechnic logo

IP Cávado and Ave

Cávado and Ave

Program Coordinator

António Moreira

Polytechnic logo

IP Guarda


Program Coordinator (COMPETE)

Teresa Paiva

Program Coordinator (POCH)

Natália Gomes

Polytechnic logo

IP Leiria


Program Coordinator

Susana Rodrigues

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IP Portalegre


Program Coordinator

Joaquim Mourato

Polytechnic logo

IP Santarém


Program Coordinator

João Samartinho

Polytechnic logo

IP Tomar


Program Coordinators (COMPETE)

Olinda Sequeira

Dina Mateus

Program Coordinator (POCH)

Célio Gonçalo Marques

Polytechnic logo

IP Viseu


Program Coordinator (COMPETE)

Rosina Fernandes

Program Coordinator (POCH)

Susana Amante


Administration and program coordination

Politécnico de Braganca logo

Vera Ferro Lebres

Politécnico de Leiria logo

Susana Rodrigues

Demola logo

Heini-Marja Rintaniemi

This program is co-financed by POCH and COMPETE programs, Portuguese polytechnics and Demola Global.

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