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Get to Know Your Futures and Implications

As a leader, you have trend information available on new technologies, demographic transitions in different markets, changes in consumer behavior and global megatrends. While there is no shortage of trend information, what does all these trends and hypes have to do with your business environment? What are the implications? What is relevant, what is not and what really changes the value chains or operating models from your customers’ perspective?

Co-creation projects help you explore the future impacts and driving forces. You’ll understand the future requirements for your products or services and explore changes in consumer behavior. We’ll help you better communicate your future-proof business.

Inspiring Deliverables from Nerdy Demos to Eureka Moments

Stay ahead – what do your customers want next? How does ethical and sustainable consumerism affect your business environment? Which trend-driven innovations are potential, relevant game changers?

The result of a co-creation project is a fact-based vision of the future, a solution to a future problem, or a demo of a future service.

It brings future to life.

Our Customers

We help companies and organizations trace the drivers of change, identify trends’ implications to business, avoid trend-based risks and identify new opportunities to make that change. Our clients operate in numerous fields from industry to humanitarian work.

Demola Project – What It Is

Demola is an internationally awarded service for companies and organizations, contextualizing and demonstrating driving forces and opportunities of the future. The secret sauce is in harnessing national and international higher education students and generation Z as future experts and change-makers.

It’s an 8/10-week project with clear structure and milestones. However, it’s not a desk study, student work or trend report. Project delivery consists of the work of a student team tailored to your needs, the participation of your own staff and selected stakeholders, and the consultancy of regional polytechnic experts. Demola and the regional polytechnic take responsibility for project management, clarification of the deliverables and the total quality of the project, clearing you the space to concentrate probing your business’ future.

Why to Participate in Demola Portugal Program

Demola is the most concrete tool for sense-making of the different futures. We thrive by inspiring organizations to create a better future for shareholders, society and the planet.

Get inspired about trend-based opportunities and identify unmet needs

Understand the impact of trends in your industry, future product and services

Get insights via future leaders’ point of view and stay ahead of your customers’ expectations

Build global or market-specific insights and learn from lead markets

Ready to Participate in Project?

A quickstart guide for utilizing Demola futures services.


Identify your future challenges

What are your blind spots or big question marks about future technologies, social changes, or other trends? Contact us through the form and we will help you identify relevant trends and driving forces as a starting point for your project.


We build a team of future experts for you

We will form a higher education student team to probe the future regarding the identified drivers and facilitate the teamwork by using a structured, proven process. One to three employees from your organization should participate in the process as part of the team.


Get inspired by results

Bring you future to life. Fuel your strategy process or business development with demonstrations of the future. Make better decisions on the path to building a future-proof business or find the spark for starting a disruption in your business domain.

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