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How Does It Work?

We work as a future radar for companies, NGOs & public sector organizations, tirelessly collecting insights from different phenomena and younger generation’s perspectives. To make it happen, Portuguese polytechnics and Demola Global design and publish project briefs and larger themes open for applications. In the Portugal program, projects are launched twice a year, and for each project, there will be an interdisciplinary team (4-6 members) working with the topic for 8-10 weeks online. The working language is mostly English.

For students who are interested in our global projects that are launched throughout the year, please visit here:

For whom Are Co-Creation Projects Targeted?

We are inviting all kinds of students: from bachelors to PhDs, from human sciences and arts to engineering and business, and everything in between. What we are looking for in people is the right mindset. People with curiosity, being eager to understand and discovery something different. People with optimism, believing that different possibilities exist but just haven’t yet been discovered. People with perseverance, not giving up if facing a dead end. And people with empathy, having the ability to set aside their own assumptions and genuinely engage with others.

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Program Structure

Teams follow an 8/10-week structured process facilitated by regional polytechnics with Demola Global’s support. The process combines elements and tools from design thinking, strategic foresight and systems thinking. Each team will receive thematic goals and determine as a team how to accomplish these goals.

In online teams, participants define their own working time which includes at least one joint meeting every week. Participants work 10-15 h/week on average. The teams use virtual collaboration tools for creative co-creation work and a proprietary communication channel, Demola Chat, for project management &communications.


In co-creation projects, you will learn crucial skills that are relevant in working life, including interdisciplinary communication and project management skills. Participants will also get familiar with strategic foresight tools and design thinking methodologies. We grant a Creative Foresight Expert Diploma to participants who finish the program.

There are also different additional benefits students are looking for when joining our projects. Here are a few.

Project Results Ownership (IPR)

Members of the team own the rights to the results they create during these projects. While these results are valuable content to your portfolio, some might also consider entrepreneurial activities later on, and the ownership to the results might come in handy at that point.

Students <3 Demola

Just like you, Demola participants are or have been students of higher education who wanted to have a springboard for their career and work together for a better society. Demola alumni live around the world and share the same Demola experience with pride.