Teacher Training Program

Demola Portugal Initiative

The teacher training program is part of Co-Creation Portugal Initiative where the aim is to increase academia-industry collaboration and establish a joint platform for cross-polytechnic work nationwide. It is an initiative established together with Portuguese polytechnics, Portuguese government and Demola Global.

During the teacher training program’s 3-year run, 900+ teachers, 600+ partner organizations and 4000+ students will take part in academia-industry collaboration. The aim is, for example, to increase research and development approaches, create new skills for students, teachers and company representatives, and build trust, networks and a new culture of cooperation between the industry and academia.

The teacher training program is co-financed by POCH, Portuguese polytechnics and Demola Global.


Administration and program coordination

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Vera Ferro Lebres

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Heini-Marja Rintaniemi

This program is co-financed by POCH program, Portuguese polytechnics and Demola Global.

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